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In Thailand, Thai Baht gold chains, Baht gold necklaces and other types of Baht gold jewelry have been produced for hundreds of years by Thailand's skilled Thai Baht goldsmiths who have an excellent reputation for creating beautiful designs with flawless workmanship.

A Thai Baht gold chain, Thai Baht gold necklace, Thai Baht gold bracelet and other Thai Baht gold jewelry is always 96.5% pure gold by actual product weight or (23k+), as regulated by the laws of Thailand. Thailand's Thai Baht gold jewelry is sold using a weight unit know in the trade as BAHT, which is equal to 15.16 grams in weight or approximately 1/2 troy ounce in weight. One troy ounce weighs 31.1 grams.

Thailand Gold Jewelry's gold Baht chain, gold Baht necklace and gold Baht bracelet are sold and priced in a weight unit known commonly in the trade as BAHT which is equal to 15.16 grams. All prices published on our web site for Thailand Baht gold chains, Thailand Baht gold necklaces, Thailand Baht gold bracelets and other Thai Baht gold jewelry change often and the published price on our website is considered the current price when the order is placed. Note: Shipping and insurance charges are added as outlined below and some countries may charge an import tax/fee, which is separate and the sole responsibility of the buyer to pay.

The most popular standard design items that Thailand Gold Jewelry Thailand sells are Thai Baht Gold Chains and Thai Baht Gold Necklaces in weight sizes ranging from 1 Baht to 10 Baht. The second most popular Thailand gold jewelry product is Thailand Gold Bracelets in Baht weight sizes of 1 Baht to 10 Baht in weight size, followed by Thai Baht Gold Pendants. Thailand Gold Jewelry Thailand can make custom lengths and sizes and other custom jewelry orders with our skilled craftsmen in Thailand.

Thailand Gold Jewelry Thailand helps design and manufacture your custom made jewelry designs and standard Thai Baht gold jewelry for export worldwide. For more information about Thailand Gold Jewelry's standard designs, please click the buttons on the top-left and browse through our website. Please also feel free to contact us by phone or email, if you have any questions that are not answered and we will be happy to respond to your inquiry.

Thailand Gold Jewelry will normally ship by FedEx or DHL for all orders over $200 and we insure them for their full invoice value. We charge a fixed flat rate of US for shipping and insurance to most locations worldwide and can combine shipments to reduce the shipping charge. For shipment under US$200 we will normally ship by Registered Air Mail via the post office, which helps reduces the shipping cost to US.

If we have the item ordered in our production que or stock, we normally arrange shipment within 2 or 3 working days, if we need to add this item to our production que, it takes approximately 10 working days to manufacture and arrange the insurance and shipment. Transport time by FedEx and DHL will add another 3 - 4 working days for shipments to most countries.

Thailand Gold Jewelry will accept returns of all standard Thai Baht Gold jewelry products that are not custom made to order or any item that was shipped as the wrong (product/style/length/weight), or has a workmanship defect, or was damaged or broken at the time of receipt (not caused by the buyer). There are some limitations and restrictions so please see our Return & Refund Policy for more detailed information on our Return/Refund policy.

Thailand Gold Jewelry reserves the right to cancel any customer order and immediately refund the customer's money prior to shipment, if there is a pricing error discovered, if the payment or shipment destination information is suspect or if we are not able to produce the product because of our tooling limitations or cannot meet the customers' design requirement.

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Thailand Gold Jewelry Thailand is a Thai/American managed company with a nice selection of Thailand gold chains / Thai Baht Chains and Thailand gold necklaces / Thai Baht Necklaces in Baht gold weight sizes starting from 1 Baht to 20 Baht in product weight. To view the most popular Thailand gold chain Thailand gold necklace or Thai Baht chain and Thai Baht Necklace please browse through our web site by pressing the Thai Baht chain and Thai Baht necklace product navigation buttons shown on the top of this page.

Thailand gold Baht chains or Thailand gold chains and Thailand gold necklaces Thailand are manufactured by our country's skilled gold craftsmen. All Baht gold jewelry is certified as 23K/96.5% pure gold by product weight. This makes a Thai gold Baht chain or Thai gold Baht necklace a great way to own a object of beauty, which will hopefully appreciate in value during your life.

Thailand Gold Jewelry's - Thailand gold chains Thailand / Thai Baht Chain and Thailand gold necklaces Thailand / Thai Baht Necklace are manufactured normally produced in standard lengths of 16", 18", 20", 22" and 24 inches with a tolerance of plus/minus 1" and come in standard weight sizes from 1 - 10 BAHT. Thailand baht chains Thailand can also be made in exact measurement lengths (custom sizes). Please email us if you have a special length requirement.

Thailand Gold Jewelry site includes some of our most popular styles of Thailand gold chains and Thailand gold necklaces, which are shown on our website for easy browsing and viewing. Thailand Gold Jewelry Thailand can make other styles and custom designed Thai Baht chains, Thai Baht necklaces and Thai Baht bracelets. If you have your own design style, please email us a drawing or picture in JPG format and we will review your requirement and quickly respond with a quote.


Thailand Gold Jewelry makes and sells Thailand gold bracelets in Thailand in weight sizes starting from 1 Baht to 10 Baht in weight size. To view the most popular Thailand Baht gold bracelet styles just press the Thailand gold bracelet navigation buttons at the top of the page.

Thailand Gold Jewelry's - Thailand gold bracelets are manufactured by our own skilled gold craftsmen and certified as 23K or 96.5% pure gold by weight. A beautiful Thailand Baht gold bracelet is also an excellent way to have an object of beauty which can be worn, admired and should appreciate in value in the future.

Thailand gold Baht bracelets can be custom manufactured using your own personal design, but extra time may be required to make the tooling required to do the job and there may be some additional setup charges for some designs.

Thailand Gold Jewelry has published some of the most popular styles for Baht gold bracelets Thailand on this Web Site. Thailand Gold Jewelry makes custom designed gold bracelet, gold chain and gold necklace, but there may be some additional charge for molds or any other custom tooling needed to do the job. If you have your own custom design requirement and want us to make it, please email us your drawing, the length and weight and we will send a quotation.


Thailand Gold Jewelry also produces Thailand Baht gold pendants, 23k Baht gold crucifix and 23k Baht gold crosses in many styles and weight sizes starting from 1/2 Baht to 2 Baht in weight size. To view some of our most popular Thailand gold crucifix styles and Thailand gold pendants just press the Thailand Baht gold crucifix navigation buttons above.

Thailand Gold Jewelry's is looking to expand its pendant line and would be interested in hearing back from our customers on what styles and designs they want to purchase. If possible please send us a drawing or picture and we may add this to our standard products.

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