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Return and Refund Policy

Thanks for shopping at Denron International Ltd.

In this return and refund policy document, Denron International Ltd. and its affiliated websites are hereinafter referred to as the "Seller" and customers purchasing product from the Seller's website are hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer".

In the event there is ever a problem with a shipment received from the "Seller", please contact the Seller immediately. Communication directly with the Seller is the first step in problem solving and normally leads to a quick solution. The Seller values its customers and understands that satisfied repeat buyers are vital to building a long term successful business.


To return an item purchased from the Seller, the Buyer must first contact the Seller and request a return authorization code number from the Seller. The Buyer must send a written return request to the Seller within a time period of three (3) working days from the date the shipment was delivered to the Buyer's shipping address. In the return request, the Buyer shall clearly state the reason that they wish to return the item(s).

The Buyer is considered the owner of the item(s) received and shall be solely responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to the item(s) from date of delivery to the Buyer's address. For item(s) being returned to the Seller for any reason, the Buyer is 100% responsible for any loss of damage of the item(s) being returned, until the item(s) are returned back into the Seller's possesion and the seller has verified in written form that the returned item(s) are the exact same item(s) originally shipped to the Buyer and that the item(s) were returned in like new condition.

To be eligible to return item(s) and request a refund, the item(s) must be unused (like new condition) and packed in the same manner as received from the Seller, the original invoice and shipping documents must be placed inside the returned package showing the Buyer's proof of purchase from the Seller, the return authorization code number must be written on the package and the goods shall be returned using the same shipping method received or as otherwise mutually agreed in written form.

Important: Carefully check the REFUNDS section below to see what refund policy may be applicable to the goods you are returning before attempting to return any item(s). There are many expenses and costs involved in returning imported goods received from overseas and re-stocking charges may be applicable.


After the Seller receives the Buyer's returned (shipment) item(s), the Seller will immediately open the package(s) and inspect the item(s) to verify and confirm that the item(s) returned are the same item(s) that were shipped to the Buyer and that there is no visible damage caused by the Buyer's mishandling of the goods. The Seller shall then send a inspection report to the Buyer stating that the Seller has received and inspected item(s) being returned and is processing the claim accordingly to the terms and condition setforth herein.

If the inspection finds that the package was received empty or that the returned item(s) are not the same item(s) shipped, or that the damage was caused by the Buyer's mishandling, no refund will be paid to the Buyer. In the event this ever happens, the Buyer can request that the package and its content be returned back to the Buyer in the same condition received and the Buyer shall pay all fees and expenses related to returning the shipment.

Order Mistake: If the reason for the Buyer's return is based on wrong item shipped, not as advertised, wrong length, wrong weight, workmanship or damage caused during shipment to the Buyer, this is hereinafter referred to in this document as a "Order Mistake" and the Seller will immediately after receiving the returned goods, confirm that there was a mistake and make new replacement item(s) to ship back to the customer at the Seller's expense.

Standard Jewelry Items: If the reason for the Buyer's return was not a "Order Mistake", as outlined above, the Seller after receiving and determining that the same item(s) shipped to the Buyer were returned in like new condition, shall then refund the Buyer's money back to the Buyer's credit card (or the original method of payment), less shipping, insurance and other re-importation charges, plus a 20% re-stocking charge. Note: This applies to standard off the shelf jewelry items, but it is not applicable to custom Made-To-Order jewelry items, which are listed separately in the paragraph below.

Custom Made-To-Order Jewelry Items: If the reason for the Buyer's return of Custom Made-To-Order jewelry is not considered a "Order Mistake", the Seller will refund the Buyer's money back to the Buyer's credit card (or original method of payment), less shipping, insurance and re-importation charges, plus a 35% re-stocking charge. This applys to all custom-made-to order jewelry orders that cannot be resold easily and may need to be scrapped or reprocessed.


The Buyer is solely responsible for paying any and all shipping, insurance, import duties and other related cost for receiving and returns.This also includes shipments that are returned because the Buyer provides the wrong address, fails to take delivery or fails or refuses to arrange custom clearance of the goods shipped. The Buyer is solely responsible for any and all loss, damage and/or theft of merchandise returned to Seller, prior to the Seller's receipt of the returned goods and confirmation that the same item(s) that were shipped to the Buyer were returned in like new condition when the package is opened and inspected.

Import duty, VAT or custom clearance fees that may be charged or accessed in the Buyer's own country are the buyer's responsibility and are not part of this sale or agreement.


If a Buyer has any questions about returning an item or our company's refund policy, please send us an email and we will quickly respond to your inquiry.


One of a kind custom made to order items are not eligible for refunds, but will be replaced and/or repaired, if there was "Order Mistake" that needs to be corrected.


Please contact the Seller by email to discuss the best way to return any item and get the return authorization code number required to return item(s) for refund. Any item(s) returned without a return authorization code number may be rejected and returned to the Buyer at the Buyer's expense.